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Dollhouse 1×11 Briar Rose review

So for this episode of Dollhouse’s guiding paradigm, we’ve got 1 princess (or maybe 2 if we count November) and 2 princes, one of whom is an FBI agent and the other is a serial killer doll with a composite memory and the personality and looks of a stoner. The message is that the princess should save herself, the appropriate manfeminist message you would expect from a Joss Whedon series, but the upshot is that Alpha restores or gives Caroline some kind of memory, and then leads her out of there. Alan Tudyk played his part well enough that even though I had seen spoilers that said he was Alpha, I assumed that Tudyk had been brought in to play another part entirely, until he reverted to Alpha form. That isn’t to say that Dollhouse 1×11 Briar Rose makes much sense. It doesn’t. Paul Ballard’s plan makes less than no sense. He’s out to grab and rescue Echo, even though she’s still mindwiped, leaving him with a mindless doll. Unless he’s been programmed with a compulsion, this really makes no sense. Alpha’s plan doesn’t make a ton of sense either. Why bother going through a complicated charade and enlisting an environmental specialist to go down into the Dollhouse with Agent Ballard, when he could just as easily have done it all himself. But who ever claimed Dollhouse ever made sense in the first place?

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