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Does the Zune HD Really Matter?

Yes the Zune HD seems set to be pretty cool. A statement that would have been hard to believe before we caught sight of Windows 7 and Natal. Sure it follows along behind Apple’s iTouch, with its touch screen, gestures, WiFi browsing and a lot of other stuff too. There’s the HD Radio which Apple doesn’t have, depending on Apple’s next mysterious announcement, but basically the Zune HD is set to be the best alternative to the iTouch yet. Which is legit, especially now that Apple’s App store dictatorship is creeping everyone out. But does the Zune HD really matter? Unless Microsoft’s XBox 360 integration is meaningful, the Zune is set to battle what even Apple admits is a dying market segment. Most of the functions of a media player have been kicked over to cell phones. That leaves the demographic for people who don’t have any cell phone options, or would for some reason spend 200 something on a media player, rather than upgrade to a better cell phone, or people who don’t use cell phones. The problem is pretty obvious. Microsoft’s Windows CE platform keeps it from launching its own cell phone, for now. But instead it’s made the best entry yet in an area that most people don’t really need anymore.

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