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Does the PC actually need Repositioning?

Stuart Elliot in the New York Times Technology section defends Microsoft’s new ad campaign as an attempt to reposition the PC, which is a shortwinded adspeak way of saying, improve the image of a product that doesn’t need it. To people in advertising Apple’s ads targeting the PC have been effective, but the numbers show that all they’ve really done is wasted money. Certainly they have not harmed the PC’s market share. Microsoft may feel personally stung by them, but that is Microsoft’s problem and PC was not collateral damage from an attempt by Apple to target Microsoft, but an attempt by Apple to position non-Apple users as unhip and stodgy. Except of course the ads backfired. Apple’s hoodie wearing Justin Long emerged as a perfect prototype for everything people hate about Apple, and the PC emerged as sympathetic. But all this advertising inside baseball really doesn’t matter. The PC and Apple aren’t Hertz and Avis, as the article claims, the PC is more like America, while Apple is New Zealand. The PC is the default choice most widely embraced because it’s flexible, affordable and the most universally used. Apple has to compete on snottiness which is a telling sign of failure.

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