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Does Speed Really Matter to a Browser?

Google is touting Chrome’s speed as its major selling point, which is reasonable enough because Google Chrome is rather short on selling points except when compared to Internet Explorer. I haven’t seen a speed match up yet between Safari and Google Chrome yet, a matchup that I doubt Google Chrome would win by any sizable amount since they’re both WebKit based. Google has been emphasizing Javascript loading speeds which are fast on Chrome, but Chrome doesn’t have a whole lot else to offer. Speed alone doesn’t make a browser and while it’s nice that a company is doing a race around the web and pushing development, Chrome needs more features than just a slight speed increase. That sort of tactic didn’t do much for the Windows release for Safari, which actually is faster than Firefox, marginally, so why should it pay off for Google Chrome? And with Firefox stating that TraceMonkey in Firefox 3.1 will wipe out Google Chrome’s Javascript speed advantage, the whole thing looks like a non-starter at this point.

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