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Does Apple need Antivirus Software?

According to Apple the answer is Yes and No, in that respective order. Now there isn’t much malware out there made for the Mac mainly because no matter what you see the cool kids doing on TV, not that many people actually use Macs. Even without the obscurity defense, Apple computers would be marginally more secure than Windows PC boxes, mainly because the Windows PC is an open platform and the Mac is a shiny plastic prison. If the Windows PC is America, the Mac is Singapore, expensive, overpriced and ruthlessly totalitarian. But even Steve Jobs has never managed to get much traction displacing PC’s. Mac market share is still low and Apple has focused on moving its iPhones and iPods, focusing on electronics over computers, as the name change demonstrates. Of course if Macs did pick up some sizable market share, they would suddenly become a major target. Because Apple’s security is no real defense against focused attacks from multiple vectors. Nobody has dedicated those kinds of resources to the Mac because it’s not cost effective. So Apple’s best defense is to keep the Macs low profile and low market share.

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