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Do you Really Trust Google?

The release of Google Chrome once again raises the specter of a Google internet, one in which we use Google for search, Gmail for email, Google News for news, YouTube for entertainment, Google Calendar for scheduling, Google Apps for office work and now Google Chrome for web browsing. Tie that on with Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick and you really have a Google internet universe. But can we actually trust Google? There are serious reasons to question whether we can. And Google Chrome’s TOS is not exactly helping. As Cnet points out (not exactly Google’s favorite source of news coverage) the Google Chrome TOS reserves the right to automatically update Google Chrome, not such a big deal per se, the right to distribute any content you upload or create through Google Chrome (troubling as all hell) and even embedded browser advertising, in good old fashioned spyware style embedded browser ads. I’m sure Google will go slow with that one but the lawyerspeak in the Google Chrome TOS is an announcement of some of Google’s plans for Chrome and they’re not too user friendly. User beware.

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