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Direct to DVD Movies for Star Trek?

Does a direct to DVD movies model make sense for Star Trek? Today a lot of SF series that haven’t been able to stay on TV but do have their own fanbase have gone the Direct to DVD movie route. Babylon 5 has done it, though hardly anyone has noticed. Stargate has been doing it with movies like Ark of Truth and Continuum, both of which I have written on. So has Futurama with two DVD movies so far and more coming along. Taking all that into account, it’s pretty obvious that the money is there. Continuum cost 7 million to make and featured some pretty decent special effects and location shooting. Odds are Star Trek could do better. Part of the success of New Voyages and similar fan projects can be put down to the lack of new Star Trek content. While there is a Star Trek capital M movie on the way, with an inflated budget and expectations, I have my doubts it can fill the gap. And in any case capital M movies take too long. Direct to DVD releases can be done faster and serve as a nice chunk of change for Paramount and keep fan interest in the franchise going. With a slightly larger budget but not too large, it might even be possible to experiment a little.

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