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Digg Mob Rule Turns Into Judge Lynch

Morality mobs may be hot in China but they’re a non-starter in the United States where lynch law went out with the Klan. Consider the recent case of Phillip Hullquist / Rudy Greene. Phillip Hullquist / Rudy Greene claimed his ex-girlfriend, stole his video camera and tried to sell it on eBay. So he did what any jackass would do, he went to Digg and created a post giving out her name, phone number, email and made a video to promote it complete with stick figures. Then the morons that populate the way sea turtles populate the Galapagos flapped their thin arms across their hairless chests in a display of macho aggression and began sending her threats.

This is the kind of thing that regularly seems to happen in China where collective internet morality mobs go after people online inquisition style. NBC has brought the internet’s most successful morality mob inhouse with Dateline NBC’s To Catch a Predator, but overall Americans aren’t terribly fond of vigilante style justice. Neither is law enforcement.

Predictable results followed. his ex girlfriend complained to the police and the media. Stories began to run about the whole thing and police may be filing charges in the case. A Digg thread promptly began with people whining that you get sent to jail for making a Digg thread. Hello geniuses, you get sent to jail for encouraging the harassment of a person through the internet. The kind of thing that happens when you post personal information and nude photos and then distribute them along with threats of violence. But of course the inexhaustible genius of the Digg crowd led the great minds there to begin posting the Detective’s phone number and encouraging people to harass him… because you know nothing convinces the people to drop a case like internet morons calling with yet more threats. At this point Phillip Hullquist would be lucky to avoid getting shot by angry cops.

I was on the side of the Digg revolt but that was done targeting a corporation. There’s nothing sympathetic about jackasses targeting some woman based on nothing more than her ex-boyfriend’s word and making her life a living hell. It’s ugly and it’s stupid and it’s a great argument for the mob having overreached itself and demonstrated exactly why anarchy and mob rule never works.

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  • Unbiased July 6, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    Or you could look at the story of an angry girl with money issues stealing her ex’s 2500$ camera because she’s mad he dumped her. He probably didn’t know the law and did a stupid thing. If you researched it, you’d find she’s on probation and he has no record. I say everything should be dropped – both sides.

  • Unbiased July 6, 2007 at 1:02 pm

    You should research your opinion. Amanda is on probation for previous stealing. What would you do if your camera worth $2500 got stolen and nobody would do anything? I admit that his actions weren’t the best, but he probably didn’t know better. I say everybody should walk away a little wiser and everything be dropped since there is no proof for either of them in court.

  • O_Deus July 6, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Oh come on. He didn’t know it was illegal to tell people online to harass his ex? And give them her phone number. Sorry but if the guy has enough ability to set up his own website and create videos, he’s not functionally retarded enough for that excuse to work.

    I have no idea if Amanda stole anything from him or not but his behavior was moronic and thuggish

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