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Dell Tries to XPS One Up Apple

It’s no great secret at all that Dell has not been doing too well lately. Dell used to be the powerhouse PC sales machine, selling system after system and underselling its rivals in the process. These days though Dell is losing out to HP of all companies, which used to be in the toilet not too long ago, and increasingly consumers are looking elsewhere for their PC orders. The rise of the Mac is probably not a major factor in Dell’s sales setback but Dell is still trying to imitate Apple’s sales strategy with dell stores in stores and with the XPS One, which is basically a computer for the sort of clueless people who would buy a Mac, iMac or eMac, in the first place.

The XPS One comes with dumbed down names like Essential One (the budget one), The Music One (the overpriced one) or The Performance One (the one that’s actually good for something a year after you buy it) but the features are more impressive than you would find in any Mac, including a Blu Ray drive (somewhere the chairman of Toshiba just ordered his ninjas on a mission of vengeance against Michael Dell) and looks a lot cooler than an eMac does too. But let’s face it, what doesn’t look cooler than an eMac?

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