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December 14th – 16th Box Office Roundup

Well I Am Legend debuted with impossibly huge numbers bursting forth with 76 million dollars. A lot of this probably had more to do with the movie’s appeal in an advertising campaign that brought out the sense of isolation, more than with Will Smith’s ability to sell any movie, see I. Robot, but it’s still an impressive performance.

Alvin and the Chipmunks, the movie that shouldn’t exist, sated the family friendly kiddy fare factor for those who were too creeped out by The Golden Compass controversy, at 45 million. Impressive for something that awful.

The Golden Compass followed with 9 million for a 40 million total, making it an official bomb. I assume we won’t be seeing any more His Dark Materials books being adapted after this. The Golden Compass has still done very well abroad, probably enough to even pay for the movie’s 180 million dollar budget but unless they shoot The Subtle Knife for around 30 million, it ain’t happening.

Enchanted fades to 6 million, but with a 92 million total, it’s still likely to pass 100 million. No Country for Old Men steals another 3 million. And the remaining holiday fare is barely worth mentioning. Beowulf drops out of the top 10 entirely to No. 5 with 1.3 million. The movie is now set to stagger past 80 million but just barely.

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