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Deadwood Double Cancelled

Talk about bad luck. At least for Deadwood, which saw wife choking HBO executive Chris Albrecht kill the series so David Milch could move on to create the whopping and tremendous disaster that was John From Cincinnati. And if that wasn’t enough, not only was Deadwood killed to make room for a TV series without a fraction of its creative potential but for a failed series whose destruction just makes the destruction of Deadwood seem all that more pointless, but now Deadwood gets double canceled.

Or at least as close to it as possible as Cinematical is reporting that the planned Deadwood movies which Deadwood fans were appeased with, are as dead as Deadwood itself. Sorry bad taste I know. You really do have to wonder how much Chris Albrecht was drinking when he decided to kill a beloved series for Lost Minus Any Trace of Plot Aka John from Cincinnati.

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