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DC vs Marvel Looks Different Now

For a while DC vs Marvel at the movies looked bad for DC. DC had allowed its Batman and Superman franchises to malinger. A new Superman movie had been in development at Warner Brothers for nearly forever and despite spending oodles of cash before a single frame was ever shot, by the time the box office released rolled around, churned out a mediocre movie that underperformed and was helmed by Bryan Singer, a Marvel retread kicked off the X-Men. Batman meanwhile had gotten its own reboot, but Batman Begins while critically praised wasn’t blowing minds.

Marvel by contrast seemed to be developing everything they had and with Spider Man a solid franchise and X-Men close behind, Fantastic Four doing well and numerous others on the way. And then Dark Knight came along and changed the picture. Of course it wasn’t Dark Knight all along, but The Dark Knight achieved not only box office superstardom that made all the Marvel films look puny in its wake, but it achieved massive critical acclaim of the kind that had eluded Marvel’s movie adaptations. People were actually taking The Dark Knight seriously, and when was the last time they’d done that with any Marvel movie.

But what The Dark Knight really did was shine a light on Marvel as a sausage factory, spinning out movie after movie, low in quality. Sure the early Spiderman and X-Men movies had been good, but by their third outings, they were being widely disparaged. (The same thing went for Blade.) Both franchises already looked tired, while Batman and Superman looked fresh and well rested by comparison. The Fantastic Four had earned money and genuine hatred from critics and fans. And one shot adaptations like Ghost Rider and The Punisher were even more marked failures. And so the picture changed and now Marvel is rushing to copy The Dark Knight.

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