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David Letterman Tries to Surrender to the WGA

In what may be the first break in the entertainment writers’ strike, David Letterman is pursuing a deal with the Writers Guild of America that would allow his late-night show on CBS to return to the air in early January with the usual complement of material from his writers, even if the strike is still continuing.

This comes as a shock to most people who would naturally have assumed that David Letterman would be the last to give in as he has the least need of any of the talk show hosts for actual writers. I mean do you really need a whole staff of writers in order to send 12 bunnies in to Dunkin Donuts or have Gilbert Godfrey annoy Midwestern tourists or have two Indian deli guys embarrass themselves on the air in order to get customers? About the only things that require writers on Letterman’s show are his opening monologue which could just as easily be disposed of and his top 10 lists, which could be easily put together by random housewives from Nebraska which changing much in quality or quantity. Even David Letterman’s opening monologue could just be limited to him repeatedly mispronouncing the last names of famous people in funny ways.

Buttafucco. Flockhart. Clooney. Samson. Wynona Ryder. Scott Stapp. There’s your show right there.

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