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Darkfield Mice for CEO’s from the 80’s and Evil Mad Scientists

Who really needs a mouse that can track on glass? You’d have to assume it’s someone who has a glass table, and who really has clear glass computer tables anyway except CEO’s from the 80’s and mad scientists. Well if you happen to meet that demographic of mad scientists, CEO’s from the 80’s or Mad Scientist CEO’s from the 80’s, Logitech has good news for you. Logitech whose product quality has been slipping lately, will bring you the Darkfield Mouse for only a 100 bucks. The appropriately ominous sounding Darkfield Mouse will help crazy evil geniuses track the mouse across their glass desk. Sure they could get a mousepad or a trackball, but when you’re out to destroy the world, you need to be able to see your knees while you’re typing. Microsoft, which would normally be an ideal market for optical mice that can track on glass what with all those commercials in which everything in the future is made of glass and children from India and America exchange obscene gestures through giant video screens, has responded with something called BlueTrack, which is surprisingly not a way to track Windows Blue Screen crashes, but is an optical mouse that glows blue instead of red, and can work on just about any surface… except glass.

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