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Dark Knight Goes Imax

Or rather four scenes of it anyway. Christopher Nolan of course talks a whole lot about how spectacular scenes look when shot in IMAX but when has Nolan exactly cared about spectacular. I mean aside from a closing chase scene in which Batman pursued Raz Al Ghul over the elevated railway, Batman Begins was just about as anti-spectacular a film as you could get. Neither Memento nor Insomnia were particularly fantastic ventures. Granted The Prestige was on the shiny side but the first shots from Dark Knight thus far aren’t making me thing that this is going to be any fundamentally different from Batman Begins’ fluid gritty ride. Certainly nothing that really requires IMAX.

IMAX might have made sense for the Joel Shumacher Batman movies or even the Tim Burton ones… though IMAX + Joel Shumacher would probably equal seizures in small children and household pets– but then this isn’t about how a movie looks but about trying to find a reason to get people into movie theaters. Movie grosses may be up but so is piracy and watching a movie a day after it arrives in theaters has now become easier than ever.

Will the experiments with IMAX and 3D keep audiences in theaters. Maybe? Certainly it’s a welcome step. Movies have gotten more expensive, from a 100 million dollar movies, we’ve now seen 200 million dollar movies becoming commonplace. But they haven’t really been delivering the awesome experience. THX certainly didn’t do it. Neither did going digital. IMAX and 3D might be a step closer to the sense of awe you first got in the movies.

But at the end of the day studios and directors are really going to have to start making great movies again instead of just great budgets.

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