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Dangerous Searches

Be careful what you search for, you may end up at a risky site loaded with adware or spyware, according to researchers at McAfee.

Searches for peer-to-peer file sharing clients and digital music on major search engines have a good chance of delivering you to a questionable Web site serving up spyware, adware, and spam instead of the latest from Coldplay,

Big shocker. If you search for illegal things, the search is likely to take you to illegal sites, which would find it a lot more profitable to take money from spyware vendors to stick money on your computer, than to provide you with illegal content for free.

Part of the irony is actually that much of the spyware out there still has corporate ties to it. While the corporate owned media goes into frenzies of outrage, demonizing file sharing, many of the biggest corporations out there advertised with spyware vendors, which forcibly served those ads to users, in the process infecting their computers and sometimes outright wrecking and vandalizing them.

Yet the corporate forces behind spyware have been been charged, hounded or destroyed the way P2P companies have because at the end of the day, we have the best democracy money can buy.

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