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CW Retreats from Sunday

Well UPN and the WB had their marriage of desperation, a one night stand that produced the CW, an ugly duckling that is neither fish nor fowl, nor workable network. And without Josh Schwartz, the CW would probably not even exist at this point. But unfortunately or fortunately the CW isn’t quite dead yet, but it has beat a direct retreat from Sunday programming. The old WB was able to fumble around unsuccessfully with Sunday night programming for years, UPN wisely avoided the whole deal, but the CW went MRC and now it’s going straight up rerun. The usual program of course is that the eyeballs aren’t there, and on top of that the CW actually lags behind the major networks as far as putting their shows online goes. Which means that there’s not much keeping the CW afloat except the inability of the remaining survivors of the Smallville cast to move on and Josh Schwartz.

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