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Corporate Arrogance and Rootkits

Corporate arrogance creates its own vulnerabilities. Sony is certainly proof of that. Sony has developed some brilliant technologies but at the same time its own arrogance has made it unable to play nice with others. That killed the Sony Betamax format and the Sony Minidisc among others. It also helped endanger Sony’s Playstation position in the console game industry and Blu Ray among others. It also seems to breed rootkits.

What’s the connection between corporate arrogance and rootkits? A software culture reflects the software development vision of the corporate culture. There’s a vast difference between what Google produces and what Microsoft produces for example and a large part of that is outlook. A company that casually places rootkits on the drives of consumers is one where corporate arrogance blinders a reasonable and enlightened view of end users.

And thus Sony is in trouble once again for including rootkits in a product. In Sony’s defense, the rootkits this time were meant as a utility for a product, rather than copy protection aimed against the users but it’s not much of a defense.

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