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Copyright Lawsuits Just Got Funnier

At least now that Prince is planning a series of copyright lawsuits to “reclaim his art” (what art? since when has anything Prince recorded qualified as art? maybe performance art) by suing the usual favorite YouTube, eBay and Pirate Bay.

This should be good since Google has gotten intolerant of frivolous lawsuits, Pirate Bay delights in being sued by idiots and eBay has teams of trained piranhas to fight lawsuits. Best of all a Pirate Bay lawsuit requires filing suit in Sweden, the YouTube lawsuit is presumably based on fans using Prince songs in their videos which puts Prince right up there with the RIAA in the Grinch olympics. Why eBay, all I can think of is sales of fake CD’s?

Either way we’re guaranteed mucho entertainment as the Artist Formerly Known as Skinny Wuss dares what no corporate lawyer has managed to do yet, crack YouTube, eBay or Pirate Bay. Worse yet Prince is backed by the hilariously incompetent Web Sheriff company, notorious for sending wrong and silly notices that are routinely laughed at.

“YouTube, [eBay and Pirate Bay] are clearly able [to] filter porn and pedophile material but appear to choose not to filter out the unauthorized music and film content which is core to their business success,” the statement from Prince’s rep continued. “Prince strongly believes artists, as the creators and owners of their music, need to reclaim their art.”

If they wanted to reclaim their art, they’d sue record companies. But that’s way too big a target. And of course we have the silly statements. Does YouTube filter out porn? Since when. YouTube will take down porn but that’s not the same thing. And it’s a lot easier to filter out content involving naked people than content involving someone singing which may or may not be legally licensed.

How is eBay supposed to filter out content that they don’t even have access to? As for Pirate Bay, don’t make us laugh.

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