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Cooper Lawrence and the Mass Effect Mess

The backlash to the Fox News piece on Mass Effect slurred as Sexbox probably wouldn’t have been as bad if this was the same type of broadcast on MSNBC or Good Morning America. The FOX news piece was fairly typical of the sort of pieces on gaming the news media usually runs, ignorant ones. No one involved had actually played Mass Effect except Geoff Keighley who ably pointed out that Cooper Lawrence had no idea what she was talking about. Cooper Lawrence responded with snide generalities about video games, something she could get away with because ignorance by the media conspires to box all games into one category, which is as absurd as classing all books into one category.

The Fox news host for the piece made some effort to be fair, despite the fact that Fox was clearly playing up the prurient Bill O’Reilly SexBox angle for the story. Cooper Lawrence like many self-proclaimed media critics felt no need to pretend to know anything about the subject beyond being able to recite generalities about games. The Fox news host made some effort to learn about Mass Effect by going to the website and seemed impressed by it. Her behavior was unprofessional but more in a “Not Quite Ready for Prime Time” sort of way.

By contrast Cooper Lawrence was happy to go on a show to condemn a game she was not at all familiar with. That is basically unprofessional and that is why she deserves the backslash she’s getting over on her Amazon page. I don’t usually approve of such tactics and people should not be harassed for their views. Cooper Lawrence however did not have a view. She knew nothing about Mass Effect going in, except that video games are evil and teach kids to be monsters who dehumanize women. The irony is that such simplistic generalized attacks make it impossible to encourage good games like Mass Effect which do respect human relationships over the GTA’s which view human relationships and women with contempt.

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