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Conversations on Rights – Part 6

> Like conservatives haven’t also distinguished themselves with goony
> additions to the Christian mythos. I have a transcript from the early
> 80s of a TV editorial called “Bible Football” where the anchor decided
> which biblical figure would play what position. Look at some of the
> goofy “Bush and Christ” kitsch that’s been selling online for more
> recent examples. None of which detracts a bit from the nuttiness of the
> thousand-and-one allegations that were flung at anybody named Clinton.

Or the nuttiness of liberal columnists who were lecturing Bush on how
Jesus would react to 9/11 or Saddam, with love and tolerance. Which
involved a rather selective biblical reading as well as a rather
absurd contention that we should run our government based on WWJD. Not
to mention that in 2000, it was at least as hard to get Gore to shut
up about Jesus, as it was Bush. Pretty soon I expect Kerry will start
rambling on about his special relationship with the Lord too and
millions of Americans with three digit IQ’s will experience enough
nausea to give them eating disorders which they can then blame on
Kerry and Jesus in no particular order.

> > No actually the best way to fight terrorism is by ignoring it and
> > appeasing every UN member at any cost. Worked for the Clinton
> > administration.

> Fair enough: you’re ignoring what they did, and I can ignore this paragraph.

Oh right. What they did. Bombed a camp, produced no results. Moved on.
Just like Clinton did with Iraq.

> > As opposed to a government run health care system? You might want to
> > look at Canada, England and France first.

> Just got back from looking at England. I missed the nightmare part.
> Silly fools think they’re happy and healthy. Oh, you could tell them a
> thing or two.

Watch the Barbarian Invasions. It got an Oscar. It’s also got a nice
bit about socialized medicine. Not to mention all the Canadians
heading to Michigan to get health care, they can’t get in Canada. With
the media busy reporting on all the seniors getting cheap Canadian
drugs, this is one story they’d rather avoid because it shows the
weakness of socialized medicine.

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