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Conversations on Rights – Part 13

> > Oh right. What they did. Bombed a camp, produced no results. Moved on.
> > Just like Clinton did with Iraq.

> There’s my point. Not a word about economic measures or increased
> antiterrorism funding and emphasis. Just the Reader’s Digest
> file-card-anecdote version.

All of which accomplished what?

> (I’ll just save a seat here for Vince
> Foster; I expect he’ll be along directly, if I remember the right order
> for the talking points.)

Way to go fighting the last war. The Foster refs are of course as dead
as the Macarena but you can’t keep a good democratic conspiracy
theorist down. Now throw in a Gingrich refference, attack the media
for being scandal mongering dogs for undermining a sitting President
(of course only undermining sitting democratic presidents is wrong,
open season on republicanones) and we can wrap up this acid free

> > Watch the Barbarian Invasions. It got an Oscar. It’s also got a nice

> So any movie that gets an Oscar is reliable on facts? Paging Michael Moore!

Barbarian Invasions might be fiction but it’s closer to a factual
documentary than Bowling for Michael Moore’s Ego. Of course this is
also true of Lassie, Dawn of the Dead and Plan 9 From Outer Space.

It’s also true of anything made by Andy Warhol, tobacco commercials and Jackson Pollock paintings too in the bargain.

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