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Conversations on Gore, Bush and the Election – Part 39

>If you were paying attention at the time, you know that these were
>precisely the things about Clinton that they were complaining about.
>He hadn’t even been rumored to have done anything else yet. Even
>before the Gennifer Flowers business hit the headlines, they were
>complaining about Hillary & Bill’s ’60s values and feminism and being
>anti-war. They were even making stuff up – like that stupid business
>about the staple-mark in his State Department files.

Don’t know who the hell “they” is but I’m guessing it’s some variation of
the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Well let me put it simply. I voted for
Clinton the first time. I didn’t give a damn about Hillary’s last name, her
last name could have been Pumpkinhead for all I cared. She wasn’t running
for President, or back then that was what I might have naively thought.

Clinton’s actions during the war were troubling but Bush’s illegal and
treasonous war and his betrayal of everything Ronald Reagen had accomplished
was sickening and it was clear that he was not the leader this country
needed. Clinton had a poor record and was far from a good candidate but
there seemed to be few alternatives. When I voted against him the second
time, for Bob Dole a politician I loathe, it was based on his actions during
his term.

>Well, to someone who uses a lot of tin-foil in his hats, perhaps. The
>difference is that Clinton’s enemies were on the record as hating
>Hillary because of her non-name-change and Bill Clinton because of his
>anti-war record.

I’m happy to consider myself one of their enemies and their names don’t
interest me in the least. It’s not an issue I’ve heard legitimate
conservatives ever bring up. A dungheap by any other name has the same foul
stench. Clinton’s war record was despicable but many politicians weren’t at
their best then.

>>Certainly the Clintons represented a despicable lifestyle

>Oh? How so?

Short version of the scandals or the long one?

>So what? The people who made a career of trying to smear him don’t
>hang out with low-life’s like you. You’re just a pawn, not one of the

A pawn? I was hoping for at least a bishop

I think your world view is colored by excessive reliance on conspiracy
theories, it’s the kind of thing Liberals have tended to accuse
Conservatives of, until they fell into the same trap.

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