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Conversations on Gore, Bush and the Election – Part 27

>_you_ write to your representatives and demand an end to the drug war,
>by the way?

Wouldn’t do any good. Being soft on crime is unacceptable in this era. Very
few politicians are willing to actually even state that the drug war has

>>Or are
>>you saying that the Clinton administration whose drug czar tied to demand
>>approval over TV scripts, opposed the drug war.

>Whose idea is it to _have_ a “drug czar”, anyway?

Whose idea was it to appoint a drug czar who wanted approval over TV

>And you don’t imagine that the guy who Bush has appointed – a gung-ho
>drug warrior – is going to improve things, do you? And John Ashcroft,
>being Attorney General of the United States, is certainly not going to
>oppose it. At least Clinton didn’t appoint people like that.

No Clinton appointed people like Janet Reno and Barry McAffrey…oh and
there was his good friend Wesley Clark who wanted to start WW3.

I’m not Ashcroft’s biggest fan but on the looney scale he looks pretty good
compared to these guys.

>>I’m not arguing the point. I agree the methods and tactics of the drug
>>a mistake and an excuse for a ridiculous abuse of power.

>A mistake pushed most ardently by _Republicans_ – and opposed by

A mistake endorsed and pushed by politicians both Democratic and Republican
because the public has been terrified and supports it. Hell Cuomo could have
rolled back the Rockerfeller laws while he was governor. He didn’t.

>>Oh please, how many middle class liberals spend twenty years in jail for
>>drug possesion.

>Who said anything about middle-class?

There’s a shortage of the other kind. And yes trust fund babies count as
middle class.

>>The drug war is not aimed at liberals, it’s aimed at the
>>lower classes. The upper classes can always do anything they want anyway
>>the middle clases have room for experimentation.

>The black lower class votes Democratic – and politically, they tend to
>be liberal.

They vote Democratic but they don’t tend to be within a mile of liberal
positions . Their votes have been acquired by a racially divise system of
political favors and chieftains appointed to a political machine using
methodology reminscent of British colonialism.

>>Again corporations can buy who they choose, it’s convenient for them to go
>>with the GOP but if they wanted the Democrats, they could buy them too.
>>That’s how politics work.

>Gee, I don’t suppose it makes a difference that the ones in the GOP
>actually _are_ part of Big Oil.

Hence the convenient part.

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