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Conversations on Gore, Bush and the Election – Part 21

>Ah, those bygone days of June, 2001! Seems like only yesterday.
>Well, it was, but now it’s Sunday, and they’re all in church with
>their wives, singing hymns for the cameras and praying for the souls
>of those less holy than themselves.

Republicans don’t pray for the souls of Democrats, the GOP knows they don’t
have any.

>> >Clinton certainly has a lot more character than Bush fils does. The
>> >evidence suggests that he raised his daughter better, for one thing.

>> No but undoubtedly she didn’t wait till the legal age to take her first
>> drink which means she was just never caught at it.

>”Undoubtedly, this evil person committed this crime. That proves he
>is evil. No trace of guilt was found. This proves he is evil and
>clever. The proof is in the house next door: cue the Marx Brothers,

Nope. Statistically this is what most teens do. It’s hardly all that
horrible and only societal perception says it is a crime.

>”And for God’s sake, don’t anybody look in our house, or we’ll have
>to explain that he’s evil and clever and has the ability to
>transport solid matter into the basements of decent and honorable

As above most teens have taken a drink or two before the legal age, what is
your basis for claiming that Chelsea is any different?

Her moral parents who set an example for her of right and wrong

>And many teens haven’t. I didn’t. What is your basis for claiming
>that Chelsea is different from me?

As I’ve said above, statistics. Most people, statistically speaking, can
read. Some cannot. My basis for assuming someone can read is that most
people are indeed able to read. And so I assume this without knowing whether
or not the specific individual can actually read.

>> Her moral parents who set an example for her of right and wrong (-:

>As, presumably, did Jenna’s. Whose example looks to have been the more
>effective force for lawfulness?

Well the Clintons certainly seem to have taught their daughter to get away
with it, while the Bushes have taught her to come clean and face the

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