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Congress Republicans Targeting Google’s Double Click Merger

Despite Google hiring its own lobbyist, it looks like a rerun of Microsoft Vs. the US Senate as Google’s Double Click merger goes under the microscope and Google continues its usual arrogant behavior. Microsoft lost and then won its own battle with Congress and Netscape, but not before taking a severe beating politically and commercially that helped lead to Bill Gates’ virtual retirement and made for a kinder and gentler Microsoft (a repeat of that playing out in Europe has forced Microsoft to relearn that same lesson again), there is something about tech companies that breeds a determined and elitist arrogance that can reign virtually unchallenged on a computer platform and yet runs into a brick wall politically. Perhaps it’s because unlike mainstream companies, tech firms are lousy salesmen relying on leveraging and monopolies to control their share of the market while proving unable to serve as good communicators. In the end Google’s elitism may have more in common with Apple than Microsoft, but it’s likely to get the Microsoft treatment anyway.

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