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With all the outrage over a Smallville Season 11 coming out in comic book form, you would think that there was something really awful happening, like a Doctor Who- Star Trek The Next Generation crossover happening. (Yes that’s happening too.) Is there absolutely no room for a Smallville comic book in a lineup that already features Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and Justice League?

The reason for it is a no brainer. Smallville had plenty of fans, especially female fans, who aren’t picking up issues of Superman. Getting them to read a Superman comic by any name is a no brainer. With a good writer, which it has, there’s no reason that Smallville Season 11 can’t be good. Or moderately decent. Or better than Buffy Season 8.

Speaking of what I assume is Buffy Season 9, which I avoided because there’s only so much crap that even I can take, that has a storyline where Buffy gets pregnant and has an abortion, which is already being praised as groundbreaking by some of the fanboys who hate the idea of Smallville Season 11, sight unseen. I’m sure this will be just as well thought out and groundbreaking as Buffy’s lesbian tryst and not at all a publicity stunt by people who have already shown that they shouldn’t be allowed to crochet samplers.

Why not just turn over Buffy to David E. Kelley and get it over with? I don’t really see much difference in concept between his Wonder Woman TV show and Buffy anyway. All the fanboys who want to claim that Buffy was a strong female character might want to consider how much she really had in common with Ally McBeal. And how much of the differences came down to the actresses, not the writing.

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