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Clip from Battlestar Galactica Razors Now Up

The Battlestar Galactic site has a chance for you to vote on your favorite DVD packaging for the Battlestar Galactica Razors release and see a clip of Razors, or should that be the other way around? It’s nice that the BSG guys have found a cute way to package a forced customer survey but honestly it’s not that hard to choose and I suspect all three covers will wind up being used in some form anyway.

The clip features a short speech by Admiral Caine who seems a bit more sensitive and logical here, barring the whole “Ends justify the means ” routine she lays down on a young asian female crewmember who we have not seen before but who apparently plays a major role in the series since she’s the second giant head on my favorite choice of Battlestar Galactica DVD packing material.

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