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Cherry 2000

In the old WPIX days, Cherry 2000 was one of those movies that was always in rotation. The love story of a man, a woman and a robot was how the station ads described it and it wasn’t an inaccurate description.

Cherry 2000 is one of those movies barely strange enough to qualify as a cult film and not nearly bad enough, despite its premise to be worth seeing on the “so good it’s bad” grounds.

The story is simple enough to be completely ridiculous. An executive’s sexbot (who in true Hollywood fashion usually reserved for hookers he truly loves) breaks down causing him to hire a beautiful female tracker to find a replacement body for her that he can stick the mini disc with her memories into in the lawless parts of California after the breakup of the united states and the collapse of civilization.

Cherry 2000 dances on the edge of satire with its mockery of California and its strange fusion of Mad Max and a love story, but never crosses the line. It has moments of striking visual style, especially in a western town on the edge of civilization that blends the wild west with a 1980’s view of 21’st century technology or when the executive ends up in the surreal ranch of the local warlord, Lester who sounds like a granola compound leader… But it’s mostly bland.

Despite some epic settings the action scenes fizzle and the love story never adds up. The male lead is too bland to hold the spotlight and Melanie Griffith’s tracker with red hair, a machine gun and a tender heart becomes the focus of the film.

Which makes Cherry 2000 a peculiar movie about a woman who rams through armed barricades for a living but falls for a man who is in love with a sexbot for no obvious reason except that he is good looking and then mopes about waiting for him to wise up while dodging bullets.

It’s weird but it’s not weird weird, it dances around satire but never gets there, but it’s a strange artifact of a time when movies like this got tossed off without a second thought.

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  • Cherry 2000 movie February 18, 2012 at 8:50 am


    I remember Cherry 2000 well (and have actually re-watched much later). Looking back at the “futuristic” movies of the 1980’s I think they all seem way off when it comes to envisioning the future. It doesn’t surprise me though, 30 years from now people are going to say the same thing about the same kind of films, which we enjoy today.

    Coming back to Cherry 2000 I actually thought the story was and I did really like the movie. But I agree with what you are hinting, that Sam Treadwell should have been played by someone else and one could also argue that Melanie Griffith wasn’t really right for her role either.

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