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Charlie Rose to host online debates?

First of all the hype over online anything, should have pretty much died out by 1997. There’s more people online now, than watching anything on television, which makes this a no-brainer. Candidates debating on the internet are no different than the same debates on television. It’s only broadcasting to a different destination. The hype ain’t worth it.

Secondly, Charlie Rose? Charlie freaking Rose is going to be carrying the banner into the internet. I can see people perking up with excitement. Hell you want to make this thing really digital, get Marcos of DailyKos or Charles Johnson of LittleGreenFootballs to moderate. Or least bring in somebody who’s remotely relevant to the internet. Bringing in Charlie Rose will insure some dry ponderous remarks about the significance of the internet, rerunning whatever he said 5 years ago followed by another snooze fest.

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