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CBS’s Moonlight Just Got Cooler

Granted it’s still basically a dumb idea but it appears that CBS’s Moonlight series about a vampire P.I. has Angel co-creator David Greenwalt on board. Granted I thought that David Greenwalt’s contribution to Angel was a mixed bag but having him on board as showrunner gives Moonlight a lot of credibility it just didn’t have before.

“Angel” co-creator/executive producer David Greenwalt has been tapped to serve as executive producer/showrunner on CBS’ new drama series “Moonlight.” The project, which was filmed as a presentation, will be retooled before a full-length pilot is shot. One of the two female leads already has been recast, and other casting changes are being considered.

So it sounds as if there are things about the presentation that CBS liked but they wanted a seasoned hand at the tiller to make them work, and since they picked David Greenwalt I suspect they felt that the vampire elements were poorly developed and they didn’t want to make the Wolf Lake mistake all over again. And now David Greenwalt is helping to put Moonlight into its shakedown voyage.

“Moonlight,” from Warner Bros. TV and Silver Pictures TV, centers on a private investigator (Alex O’Loughlin) who is a vampire. In his eternal life, he is joined by his former bride (Amber Valletta), a seductive vampire who bit him 60 years ago, as well as a deceitful ally (Rade Serbedzija) who also is undead. The PI’s life is turned upside down when he falls for a beautiful mortal woman.

This sounds way too much like Forever Knight except having him serve as a PI instead of a police detective makes more sense. I mean how does a vampire get this far into the police department without ever being in sunlight? Does the police academy have some sort of night sessions?

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