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CBS News Finally on Track for Disaster

(Hollywod Reporter) – The newly appointed senior vp of CBS News says it’s frustrating that the network’s low-rated evening newscast with Katie Couric isn’t doing better, but he believes the program is finally on the right track.

Yes, the right track being the track to the ratings basement apparently. I guess when the show’s format is dumped entirely and Katie Couric goes back to interviewing chefs in the morning– the end of the track will have finally been reached.


“Our frustration is that the program is so much better, and we just need people to notice that, because we did make mistakes at the beginning, clearly, and alienated clearly a significant part of our traditional audience,” Friedman said. “We’ve got to get them to check in again.”

Yes because you’ve changed what now? Dumped some off the soft news features you were angling to use to capture a new demographic? But you’ve still got Barbie reading the news from the teleprompter don’t you and stumbling over how to pronounce Mauritania.

“The show was too experimental for people’s taste at that hour,” Friedman said, acknowledging his role in its development. “We’ve brought that back to a much more traditional newscast.”

By experimental… friedman means he tried to turn it into “Today with Katie Couric”.

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