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CBS, Kid Nation Under Fire

With Kid Nation under fire, as it emerges that a number of children were injured in the making of Kid Nation including a 9 year old who drank bleach and that parents were paid roughly 9 dollars an hour to have their child participate in the show, CBS is still arrogantly putting up a bold and unapologetic front.

Will it work? It sure didn’t for Courteney Solomon but CBS has an entire network at its command. And to top that an entire media conglomerate, so you can be sure the spin is boiling. FOX’s reaction to Reality TV outrage has been to grin with glee. CBS though has been a family network with an older audience. And while Survivor is one thing, running kids through Survivor may be another.

There is no such thing as bad publicity in show business. Case in point, the controversial CBS series that chronicles kids left to their own devices out in the New Mexican desert. CBS’ new reality series, “Kid Nation,” will be broadcast starting Sept. 19, in spite of lawsuits and negative articles alleging child abuse and labor law infractions.

Broadcast yes, but will it succeed?

Network executives and the program’s producer continued to exude confidence that the reality show would go on as scheduled. “Everybody’s questions about the show will be answered when it airs,” the show’s executive producer, Tom Forman, said to the New York Times.

The key question being, how did Wolfram and Hart take over CBS?

Now, CBS has allegedly made some plans to produce a second edition of the series. It has already held some casting sessions for new children, claims the Times. Forman told the Times the producers need to be ready to start shooting again if the network likes the early ratings, and orders a second series.

Like all Americans, we can’t wait for Kid Nation 2: This Time One of The Kids dies. Brought to you by Hugee diapers.

But the problems with the labor law infractions that the state of New Mexico cited for the “Kid Nation” production will have an effect on what state will house the future location of any kid based reality series.

The Times reports that the “attorney general’s office in New Mexico had dropped an investigation into the show, but reopened it two weeks ago after the complaints began to surface.”

Most states have tougher laws than New Mexico’s regarding children and labor.

In other words the capital of child labor in America itself has given Kid Nation the boot.

The negative attention that has popped up over “Kid Nation” has made it too hot a potato for any state to permit future filming, one unnamed CBS executive said to the Times.

Asked if the show could be relocated to Mexico or elsewhere, Mr. Forman said to the Times, “Nothing is off the table.”

Great, let’s abandon your kids in Mexico and see what happens. And if that doesn’t work out, there’s always Thailand.

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