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CBS Air Taxi

A fired CBS News producer has sued the network, claiming that he was discriminated against for being gay. Dick Jefferson filed papers at the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan alleging that CBS News terminated him after he spoke out publicly about being attacked for being gay while on holiday in the Caribbean last year.

Jefferson said he called CBS, who sent an air ambulance to rescue both him and co-worker Ryan Smith from the island of St. Maarten. Jefferson said that action probably saved Smith’s life. Smith still works on the CBS magazine programme 48 Hours.

Well it’s well known that much of the bahamas native population is not exactly gay friendly but you have to wonder why CBS was sending a helicopter to rescue a vacationing producer. I mean even the army won’t do that. It seems like the network already bent over backward to help him here. Doesn’t the place have their own police force? And it’s unclear whether he was already injured or not? It does seem odd that he had to be evacuated from an entire island. And why would CBS go to this much trouble for one of their producers and then fire him?

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