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Captain America, Finally a Superhero Trailer that Looks Good

After the unintentionally funny Green Lantern trailer, the Transformers 2 vibe from the Thor trailer, I didn’t have high hopes for the Captain America trailer. But this… this is not bad. Maybe even good.

I wasn’t following reports, but surprisingly this is a classic Captain America set in WW2, not a modern up to date Captain America. The bullied weakling, and all that 40’s ambiance. Joe Johnston hasn’t had a great run, but he’s captured some of the feel of his own great classic, The Rocketeer. This is not the superhero movie you expect Hollywood to make, but it just might be good.

Does the finished product hold together? Who knows. Wolfman was a mess. Captain America’s script comes from the duo writing the Narnia films, which depending on your feelings about those movies may or may not be a good thing. But Johnston has a lock on that classic idealistic movie sincerity, which he’s shown in Rocketeer, October Sky and Jumanji. If he brings that to the table, this may just be a winner.

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