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Cape Canceled

I can’t mourn too much. After seeing the pilot, I had a soft spot for it, but the show was just too slow, the lead actor too annoying and the material too badly executed. It could have been done better, with some different casting, sharply written scripts and good pacing. But that didn’t happen.

I don’t know what everyone involved was expecting. The Cape looked like a holdover from the Silverman era of Knight Rider and Wonder Woman reboots, except done on the cheap. It was like one of those interminable syndicated action hours that used to be everywhere all the time. Generic hero puts on cape and does stuff. The mythology of the cape wasn’t bad either. But a lame hero and a lame villain didn’t make for great entertainment.

It was a surprise to see something like this even get aired and now its final episode is being burned off online. It’s sad that an opportunity to put a genre show out there got wasted. Now it’ll be replaced either by a Modern Family ripoff, something that J.J. Abrams wiped his ass on and sold as a pilot, or knowing NBC something even worse.

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