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Canterbury’s Law is Already Dead

Much as I predicted Canterbury’s Law barely managed a handful of episodes before it got kicked off to the Friday night time slot with House reruns filling its spot. Apparently nobody really wanted to see Julianne Margulies trying to play Shark or even to try and spell her name. The viewers have a limited appetite for law shows and most of those have already been filled by brand names like Law and Order and its 50 spinoffs from Dick Wolf.

This is good news for Sarah Connor Chronicles fans who have yet another reason to believe that the series will be coming back. After all the failure of Canterbury’s Law demonstrated that this is a tough time slot to fill and while the Sarah Connor Chronicles hasn’t always hit a ratings home run in that spot, it’s done a much better job of it than Canterbury’s Law has and CL didn’t have its schedule smashed to pieces by the WGA strike either.

With Eli Stone and Canterbury’s Law both imploding, it seems like lawyer shows are not that popular with viewers anymore. Shark survives because let’s face it, James Woods can make even the same old law cases you’ve seen 500 times worth watching.

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