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Can’t We Just Let JFK Rest in Peace?

We’ve done the movies and we’ve done the other movies. We’ve given everyone from Oliver Stone to Martin Sheen’s other son (you know the one who isn’t a cokehead and thinks 9/11 was a government conspiracy by aliens) a shot at their own Kennedy legacy. Isn’t it time to call it quits at some point?

The Kennedy administration was never Camelot. It was ambitious and it sure looked a lot better than the dark days of LBJ’s dystopian vision of wars abroad and welfare and decay at home no matter what JFK was doing with every woman who crossed his path but at some point it might be time to put it to rest. Especially for the sake of those of us who didn’t grow up remember the time some nutjob shot JFK and would just like to move on with our lives sans the boundless baby boomer fixation on the fantastically unimportant days of the 60’s.

But no…

HBO is near a deal with Playtone that will turn Vincent Bugliosi’s 1,632-page book “Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy” into a miniseries. Ten-parter will debunk long-held conspiracy theories and establish that assassin Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

HBO is wrapping up a deal to finance and air the mini, which will depict Oswald’s journey to becoming an assassin and his subsequent murder on live TV by Jack Ruby. The network will make a companion documentary special, with Bugliosi addressing myriad conspiracy theories, including those involving the Mafia, the KGB or Fidel Castro in JFK’s assassination. Project was hatched after Hanks, Paxton and Goetzman had a conversation about the shooting.

Oh joy. The odds of anyone in their right mind, even an HBO viewer, sitting through a 10 part special about Lee Harvey Oswald, especially one that requires waiting nine hours until he does something interesting is about as low as interest in watching drain water gurgle. The very sort of people who might be moved to spend major portions of their lives immersed in the details of the Kennedy assassination are by no particular coincidence also the very same people who absolutely believe it was a conspiracy.

And guess what, the entire point of this miniseries is pointless because you can never disprove a conspiracy. You can disprove a likely conspiracy but disproving a full on conspiracy theory is like trying to disprove ESP or your buddy’s sports betting method. The more you try, the more convoluted the conspiracy theory becomes. Every proof you offer just becomes woven into the fabric of the conspiracy theory as proof of the coverup. You simply can’t disprove anything that’s premised on a vast secret organization with near omnipotent powers which can manipulate any and all events from the macroscopic scale to the microscopic scale for their own benefit. It’s simply a waste of time, much like much of HBO.

Drop this project and bring back that HBO drunk who liked choking women. At least he had some common sense, minus the stupid David Milch John from Cincinnati, boondoggle.

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