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Can We Stop Talking About Katie Couric’s Gender

Can We Stop Talking About Katie Couric’s Gender and start talking about her competence instead? Attackers like Dan Rather are bashing Katie Couric over her gender and defenders like Les Moonves are claiming that people aren’t watching Katie Couric because they don’t want their news from a woman. Women and sexism aren’t to blame for the miserable disaster that is Katie Couric’s tenure on CBS Evening News. CBS is. The issue isn’t Katie Couric’s gender. It’s that she’s a fluffy perky personality with no credible ability to do the news and that tied together with a network that worked to dumb down the newscast, resulted in a ratings fallout.

“(Rather) said ‘tart it up.’ T-A-R-T, which I think is a pretty sexist thing to say, wouldn’t you? I don’t think we’ve done that … We’re very proud of the quality of that news,” Moonves told a media panel discussion in New York.

Sure it is but glass house and rocks, coming from the guy who forced the cancellation of Veronica Mars.

“We still have a great deal of faith in Katie,” Moonves said, adding Couric was hired at a time when the average age of viewers for all three network news shows was over 60 and CBS was trying to change that.

Translation we paid Katie a whole lotta dough and we can’t just get rid of her. But newsflash Les, you can’t lower the average age of the viewer because those viewers are getting their news online. Throwing in Today Show Barbie is not going to significantly change that. There’s simply no point for anyone but the elderly to sit through a half hour newscast of what they can click through any time they want based on the stories that interest them… online.

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