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Can Veoh Survive?

The video sharing explosion that helped turned YouTube into a household word has now shrunk down to a market dominated by YouTube for everything from vlogging to all sorts of personal videos and Hulu for the solid commercial stuff which once again raises the question of Veoh’s place in it all. Hulu is syndicating its content via Veoh but that just makes Veoh a middleman that can all too easily be cut out of the equation by bored viewers. Veoh does offer better visual quality than YouTube focusing a little less on the social networking aspects of a video sharing site and more on the actual videos, unlike YouTube which puts the video sharing last and the social networking first, but what else do you expect from the company busy filching MySpace’s crown as a place for obnoxious people to become famous through self-promotion and social networking. With Stage6 gone, Veoh faces a market where it has few real contenders for its spot but also no real room for growth. YouTube is a household name, Hulu is on the way there, but where can Veoh go and how can it credibly set itself apart and create an appealing brand identity?

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