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Can Online Video Survive Cable?

Cnet is asking if cable can survive online video, but more honestly the question should be put as whether online video can survive cable. Between Comcast and Time Warner in particular, the big cable companies are making it clear that their plan is to create a multi tiered internet, in the way that they treat their TV cable customers. Cable companies may be mean, greedy and brutish, but they aren’t stupid and they can read the handwriting on the wall. They know quite well that the bulk of their money comes from delivering content and the last thing they want is to find that their TV cable customers are switching to watching everything online. It can happen and it is happening and Cable companies have no intention of turning into nothing more than a way for customers to log on to Hulu or YouTube. Imagine if Universal Music or other RIAA members were also ISP’s back when online music was becoming a reality. They’d be doing the exact same thing. Cable companies are determined to implement tiered plans. Online video can only survive cable by leapfrogging cable companies and escaping the cable monopolies, going beyond cable and dial up to services such as Verizon’s FIOS that have no vested interest in selling TV programming access the way that Comcast and Time Warner do.

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