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Can MySpace Music beat iTunes?

Ever since Apple’s iTunes became the dominant online music marketplace everyone has been trying to catch up and to grab a piece of the action. Amazon and Wal-Mart both unveiled their DRM discounted music stores, with very little result. Best Buy has just snapped up Napster paying a hefty price for its 700,000 subscribers. No one has been too surprised by just how dead end these ventures are, and while MySpace is being dismissed, MySpace has something the others don’t. First of all MySpace was unofficially in the music business for some time now, and is a time tested method for bands to promote themselves and has even served as a venue to celebrity. You may not like it, but that’s the social networking factor of MySpace and while it won’t destroy iTunes, it will create an alternative to iTunes, one Apple will have little idea how to match. Competing with iTunes has proven difficult because of a lack of venue, most people do not come to to buy music and Microsoft has failed to properly turn Windows Media Player into a music store. MySpace though is perfectly integrated with how large numbers of teenagers and twenty somethings use the internet. It’s already there and an available jukebox can well mean a shortcut to sales.

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