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Can Linden Labs Please Give the Marketing a Rest?

Wow! Gee Whiz! We get it already, Second Life is an amazing and unique experience that creates a whole brand new virtual digital world that transforms the way we live and makes cyberspace real. Except of course it doesn’t. It’s just The Palace writ large or every BBS ever made except with visual avatars and rooms expressed in graphic art terms.

What brings this up? Well one pervert, to wit, Kevin Alderman, sued another pervert of unknown identity, over some Second Life avatar behavior adaptations, as far as I can tell, which pervert number one, was selling to people and which pervert number two cracked and was using illegally. In other words a standard, “I developed this program and you cracked it and then resold it to people” that’s been going on for decades ever since Bill Gates put on horn rimmed glasses.

Why do I post on it? Because Linden Labs feels the need to spin any stupid event originating from the black hole of useless knee biting morons known as Second Life as some sort of cyberspace revelation. To wit,

Catherine Smith, director of marketing for “Second Life” creator Linden Lab, said she knew of no other real-world legal fight between two avatars.

No really, you don’t? First of all it’s not a legal fight between two avatars. It’s a fight between two people. One is named Kevin Alderman. When the court papers are filed, we’ll find out what the other one’s name is. People have been suing each other over the internet for a while now. Piracy is now exactly a new concept for a lawsuit.

Now if they let the whole thing be judged by their fellow perverts and morons in Second Life that wouldn’t be new either but that would at least show a real commitment to living in Second Life. Instead of course it’s going to a real world court instead.

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