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Can Google Buy Twitter?

Lately it seems that Google isn’t so much innovating as buying in. Google managed to remain relevant in video after their own proprietary Google Video went nowhere by buying YouTube for a whopping load of money, an investment that Google may never manage to recoup even with its current blizzard of obnoxious ads on YouTube. With Twitter now as the leading thing that everyone is rushing to imitate, whether it’s Facebook giving itself a Twitter makeover, Twitterers suddenly getting huge book deals based on nothing more than one sentence messages with Tinylink URL’s, or Twitter suddenly winding up as the buzzword joke on sitcoms… it’s no surprise that the rumors are out there that Google will try to buy Twitter. Keep in mind of course that the Twitter claim comes from TechCrunch, and TechCrunch has been more wrong about more valley predictions than the gold rush. Keep in mind also that back when Facebook was the buzzword, TechCrunch was claiming that Google would buy Facebook. Obviously they were wrong. But a Google Facebook purchase is likelier than a Google Twitter purchase, though neither was all that likely overall. Because Google buys what it can’t do. And Twitter is not so out of Google’s capabilities that it needs to toss away a few billion during a recession to acquire it.

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