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Can an Ad Campaign Save Windows Vista?

After the Mojave Experiment, Redmond is rolling out a high end 300 million dollar ad campaign with ads to feature Jerry Seinfeld at New York locations and directed by Michael Gondry all to tout how well Windows Vista connects people together, removes barriers and does all that neat fun stuff.

The view in Microsoft HQ is clearly that Windows Vista’s problem is one of perception and while that might be 20 percent true, it’s 80 percent false. Windows Vista’s biggest problem isn’t negative perception but a negative reality, in no small part caused by Microsoft itself. Microsoft is pulling out the 300 million dollar campaign a year too late, but even that campaign would not have solved the fundamental problems with Vista, even if it sold a few more copies of Microsoft Vista.

Microsoft needs to be spending that money on promoting Windows 7 and early is never too early to start. Spending it on Vista is pushing money down the hole. A 300 million dollar ad campaign is not likely to pull in even 3 million Vista sales to account for the money Redmond is blowing on this. A high profile ad campaign worked for Windows 95 because it helped promote an operating system that actually was revolutionary. Windows Vista is not revolutionary, whether you call it Windows Mojave or anything else. The usual ad campaign techniques are fighting an uphill battle because Microsoft is never going to have the image that Apple does. And while Apple’s image may be 60 percent based on style, there is a 40 percent of substance underneath.

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