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Longmire Getting a Second Seasonlongmire poster

Good news for anyone who likes the new Western cop series, bad news for Justified fans who keep complaining that it’s derivative of their show, even though it in no way is. I wondered if Longmire would watch on, but it’s performing well. It skews older, but it’s also on A&E, so what do you really expect. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a lot of notes about making the show more appealing to younger viewers.


Falling Skies Falling

I haven’t watched the second season of Falling Skies. Really haven’t seen much of the first season either. But Spielberg’s TV luck is still bad and Falling Skies doesn’t seem to be flying that high in the ratings. It’s playing well below Dallas and below most everything on TV except Suits. But its 18-34 ratings are good. At some point I’ll have to tune in.



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