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Bye Bye Studio 60 His Sorkiness

Finally a show about comedy that’s not funny.

Funny or not, it’s ironic that Aaron Sorkin thought it would be a good idea or at all sane to produce a pompous windbag of a show about a Saturday Night Live type series, but this was after all the very same man who had been responsible for “Sports Night” a sitcom set on a sports show that was advertised as having nothing to do with sports and whose pompous painfully tedious narrative was to the sports fan demographic what Fabio is to lesbians.

Only with the West Wing did His Sorkiness’ natural pompousness finally meet the perfect subject that would enable people to tolerate his drivel, the White House. Aaron Sorkin’s only hope after this is to create a painfully serious show about a painfully serious subject, say a rape crisis center or the Spanish Inquisition. Only there can his redoubtable talents for pompous anti-entertainment be fully fulfilled. When a subject is so serious that no degree of pompousness can be considered tedious and annoying without betraying oneself at the same time as an unfeeling heartless brute, in that golden realm of the silver screen shall His Sorkiness thrive.

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