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Bye Bye Froogle

Okay so Google has dumped the Froogle brand, renaming it poetically, Google Product Search. Google had already dumped Froogle from its main page, no doubt making all the geeks toiling on Google’s Mountain Valley campus on Froogle, feel very sad and cry.

Personally I think Google missed the boat by not branding Froogle with an adorable amusing frog mascot like the WB’s, to amuse and entertain web surfers. Well not really.

The problem with Froogle is that it was basically lame. Froogle tended to produce bad results more often than good ones. And it was simply no competition for Yahoo Shopping. Renaming it Google Product Search, only makes the already awkward Froogle, more awkward.

The real problem is that while Google produces trimmed down and slim and efficient sites, but utterly fails when it needs to actually appeal to customers with a little flash. It’s why Google Video is so hopeless and the only reason it’s at all a factor, is Google’s 600 ton gorilla weight. Calling Froogle, Google Product Search doesn’t fix that, it just makes it that much worse.

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