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Bye Bye Boston Legal

Of all the TV shows canceled this season, none is more deserved and none has gone out whining more than David E. Kelley’s Boston Legal. If I had a soft spot for any of the canceled shows on TV, even something like Dirty Sexy Money, I don’t have one for Boston Legal. Boston Legal is simply David E. Kelley at his worst in the full flower of his excess and given full rein to let his worst instincts run wild. When the Practice died, it had many things wrong with it, but it was a show whose topic was a small law firm maintaining personal integrity in the face of constant challenges and difficulties. Boston Legal played at ethics occasionally, but it had none. It was a sociopathic series that felt free to introduce one sociopathic character after another and then center the series around them. From James Spader’s poisonously creepy main character to William Shatner’s bloated overacting all backed by David E. Kelley’s trademark uncontrolled writing, Boston Legal was toxic waste, and it’s taken enough time for ABC to stand up to Kelley and clean the damn thing up.

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