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Bye Bye Andy – Take Two

Well Andy Barker has been canceled after six episodes, even less than six episodes, much as I predicted. Much like Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Andy Richter’s other eponymous Andy TV series… this baby was pretty much doomed from the start.

That kind of offbeat humor might have lasted a season on FOX which seems to desperate for sitcoms, it ran Andy Richter CTU for two seasons, Arrested Development for several and still haven’t canceled the War At Home, by contrast 90 percent of the reason NBC ordered Andy Barker had to do with Conan and their plans to have him take over what’s left of late night after Jay Leno has gone to the big chin in the sky… or retired to race his many cars and jabber to anyone who will listen.

The actual Andy Barker show was funny, but too unevenly so. NBC airing all six episodes online suggested they wanted to build an audience for it, but that also inevitably hammered the ratings since people were far less likely to re watch a show they had already seen.

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